Introduction  -----

Nothing beats mom’s cooking. Nothing beats a yummy heart-filled home cooked meal prepared by the person who knows and loves you endlessly and unconditionally. Ma Chinese Cuisine is a premium family restaurant offering a series of both traditional and modern Chinese dishes, which is opened at a historical building at the Niagara Region. With a focus on indigenous Chinese foods, culture, history, and the preservation of indigenous values, I was tasked to create a brand identity that emphasizing the rich Chinese food culture and passing those message to the customers who are not familiar with Chinese culture.


I was working with Ma Chinese Cuisine to create a special magazine as a menu. It needs to be a functional menu when customers searching for a delightful dish for the night, and also needs some information for them to know about the culture. How well that you know about the stew you order? Did you know that sometimes a stew is required more than ten ingredients and to be boiled in a pot for few hours? The way we present the food choices alongside with food culture information reflects the brand's attitude.

Click to view the full menu magazine.

Client  -----


Ma Chinese Cuisine



My Role  -----


Visual Identity, Print, Editorial Design, Illustration, Campaign, Web Design, Photography Creative Direction and Photo Editing



Credits  -----


Agency: CGICA

Logo Design: Mollie Wang

Photography: Mingyu Xie, Sam Zou

Web Development: Ray Su

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